SMM (Social Media Marketing) - a set of measures to promote a product, brand or company in social networks. The success of this direction in the field of online advertising is caused by the ever-growing popularity of social networks.

The main element of SMM is content. In a well-built SMM campaign, it will be distributed by users without the participation of the organizer.

The key to success in SMM is the social connections that underlie user interaction. Due to it, the dissemination of information is more trustworthy in comparison with other online advertising channels.


Business promotion in social networks is a versatile work, including registration of the account, creation of original content and community management, setting up and maintaining an advertising campaign, working with audiences and objections, analytics of the work done during the month.

Today, people are looking for products and services not only through search queries, but also, for example, by hashtags on instagram. Therefore, it is the comprehensive work on brand promotion that will help achieve the most effective results. After all, your services are looking for in social networks.

Stages of work on the promotion of social networks:


reating and initial filling account.

First of all, we create a new account in the required social network, draw it up according to all relevant rules, and fill it with content first. If you already have your account, then we make a list of the necessary upgrades and improvements.

reating and initial filling account.

Account management.

Next, we are in charge of maintaining your account: we draw up a content plan for the next month, we coordinate with you and implement it. We precisely verify on what day what type of content - entertaining or selling - should be shown to your audience and at what time of day. So we get the maximum reach of the audience.

Account management.

Advertising campaign setting

Do you have an interesting action? New product? Unusual service? Then for sure it's time to set up an advertising campaign on social networks. It will allow you to reach the widest possible audience of people interested in your services and goods. In addition, advertising helps to inform users about your company and thereby support brand promotion.

Advertising campaign setting

Work with the audience and objections

Of course, users interested in your services will have questions. And since they found you on social networks, they will ask questions, as they say, on the spot. Here our task is to properly advise the client and interest, so that, for example, get his phone number so that your sales team can continue to work with the client in the future.

Work with the audience and objections

Reputation Marketing

In any work there are failures and not very satisfied customers - it can not be avoided. However, we can help you competently respond to claims on the Internet. To do this, we will track all the sites where you can write a comment about your activities, and prepare the correct loyal answers to mitigate the situation as much as possible.

Reputation Marketing

How does the advertising on social networks look like?

Each social network has its own characteristics and type of advertisements.

Who is advertising shown to?

Your advertisement will be shown only to those who are interested in your offer. This helps not only to send your ad strictly to the target audience, but also to save the budget due to the fact that people who are not ready to buy your products or services do not “click” on the advertising budget.

In addition to the fact that we independently set up the target audience, the advertising network itself determines who should be shown the ad: for example, according to the latest user requests in search systems or by interest in one or another account of related topics.

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