It happens very often that entrepreneurs postpone the development of their business website in the far corner: there is no time, no money, no certainty that this investment will be useful and will bring customers. But in fact, developing your business on the Internet is one of the most effective methods to attract customers. Just because your services are searched on the Internet!

To develop the site you need only a few actions: tell us about your business, share your ideas and views, and prepare the necessary information. You can do all these by filling out our brief and sending it to us.

Based on the brief, we will announce the cost of your project within 2 business days.

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Stages of development:

It seems to you that website development is very difficult and takes you a lot of time? Believe me, it is not. We invite you to learn more about the stages of website development, and you will understand that website development is mostly our work and our suggestions.


Discussion of the objectives and goals of the project

At this stage, we are discussing in detail the goals and objectives of the site. Based on the goals, we offer you a general strategy for the development and future development of the site.

For example, the task of a landing page is to present a new product to users and sell as many services or goods as possible.

What is needed from you: one meeting with us and the main materials of your business.

Discussion of the objectives and goals of the project

Drafting of technical specifications and description of functionality

At the second stage, we will create a technical task in which we will describe the main requirements for the site, such as the correctness of the display in browsers and adaptive layout. Also in the technical task we will prescribe the main functionality of the site, for example, the possibility of ordering from the site, payment, ordering a callback.

The technical task is our plan and the scheme of the future project.

What we need from you: the harmonization of technical specifications.

Drafting of technical specifications and description of functionality

Site prototyping

The prototype is the basis of the site, a schematic version of the site in which the structure of the site, menu items, the location of logical blocks, the location of information become clear.

With the help of the prototype, we determine the main type of site, according to which we further design.

What we need from you: the coordination of the prototype.

Site prototyping

Site design

At the site design stage, we offer you a general concept and an individual site view. In the design of the site we rely on the options you like, wishes for colors, and the basics of typography and web design.

Do not worry if you do not have examples of sites you like; we will select them for you, and you will make your choice.

What we need from you: design coordination.

Site design

Layout and programming site

At this stage, we transfer the design to the web: that is, all our developments will finally become full-fledged sites, which will be implemented all of what we talked about at the very beginning.

What we need from you: a bit of waiting.

Testing and delivery of the project

Layout and programming site

Testing and delivery of the project

Each project, even the smallest, passes the testing phase: that is, the stage of re-checking our work. During testing, we check the quality of the layout, the display of the site in different browsers and on different devices and other technical parameters.

After passing the test, we hand over the project.

What we need from you: the reception of a finished project.

Testing and delivery of the project

What we can offer you:

Modern custom design

Our experts are always aware of the latest trends and innovations in web design and web development. We always use the latest technologies and techniques, while taking into account the golden foundations of typography and design.

We understand the business objectives of each of our clients, we know how to make the site memorable and at the same time convenient and profitable.

Пример работы

We are not afraid of difficulties

We are pleased to undertake the most difficult and atypical tasks. We help to structure and implement unusual ideas. We know how to present even the most difficult services in an interesting and natural way.

We are always ready to implement any of your ideas: 3D models, illustrations, videos, animation, complex programming.

Пример работы

Convenience and ease of use

Cross-browser compatibility, adaptability and usability are not just words for us. We are developing the site, given the convenience of its use on all devices.

Initially, we calculate to the smallest detail both the adequate display of the site on all devices and the correct location of the blocks when screens are reduced.

Пример работы

Support and development of the project

High-load projects such as online stores, news sites and other sites require constant monitoring of the condition and technical support. We come to the rescue in any situation and fix any problems with the site.

From the very beginning of the project, we have been considering further actions to promote your business on the Internet using various means: promotion, contextual advertising, SMM.

We calculate the planned attendance of the project and take this into account when choosing a server configuration.

Пример работы AM DESIGN LAB Пример работы AM DESIGN LAB

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