Contextual advertising is advertising in search systems, which is shown only to those users who are interested in it. For example, you and I want to find a “computer chair”, then we will be shown in the search results ads related to the purchase, manufacture and sale of computer chairs.

There are no restrictions in the sphere of activities or business specifics for displaying your ads on Yandex or Google: today, all the necessary services or products are searched on the Internet, which means that your services will be useful to someone!

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Payment for advertising is based on the price per click. That is, in fact, every user who has logged on to your site that has passed on advertising. The price of a click, in turn, depends on the competition within the site for your needs. The more competition on the site, and the higher your ad appears on the website, the higher is the cost per click.

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How contextual advertising works:

The mechanism of the advertising campaign on Yandex.Direct or Google Adwords is quite simple. And most importantly - properly configured contextual advertising does not require constant moderation and tracking. Contextual advertising can work for you without putting additional efforts on it. See for yourself!


We select key requests to customize the campaign

After getting acquainted with your business and discussing your needs, we select the main key requests that people search for your services or products on the Internet each month. The list of these requests is the basis of our future advertising campaign.

We select key requests to customize the campaign

We place an advertising campaign on Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords

We write advertisements for each of the collected requests. We register original and eye-catching headlines and texts, we make banners to advertise on the websites of partners. We adjust the cost per click and limit of the daily budget. After all ad campaign is ready to be shown!

We place an advertising campaign on Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords

People see your ads.

If the user's request matches your key requests, your ad is shown. It can be either in one of the first 3 issuance positions (special placement), or from the last 3 positions on the first page (guaranteed impressions).

People see your ads.

You have new customers.

People see your ad above all main results, which means that 100% pay attention to it. Then they go to your website, get acquainted with your offer and turn to you for a service. You pay only in cases of transition to your website.

You have new customers.

Benefits understandable to each client


    Fast result

    Clients will begin to see your ads immediately after the launch of an advertising campaign, which means that they will immediately begin to come for your offer to your site.

  • Оплата только за действие

    Pay only for action

    20,000 people can view your ad per day, but only 200 people click on it. You only pay for those 200 clicks, because you only pay for the result.


    Target audience only

    Advertisements are shown only to those who are interested in this offer and are looking for information on it. You simply appear at the right time and at the right hour.

  • Широкий охват аудитории

    Wide audience reach

    In addition to the search system, your ads will be seen on the websites of partners: Avito, classmates, Yandex mail,, poster.

  • Мощные инструменты анализа

    Powerful analysis tools

    You can see what each visitor does on your site! Special analytics tools, such as Yandex.Metrica, allow you to objectively evaluate the performance of your advertising campaign: generate reports on attendance, time on the site, and even generate a click map.

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