Corporate identity is not only the face of your company and the graphic designation of your business, but also a set of specific rules allowing aesthetic use of the entire visual potential of your style. Logo, outdoor advertising, press walls, unique badges of employees, letterheads, pens, notepads - all these should be organically linked with one other common concept.

Going out into the light, you take care of your appearance. When you start your business, you probably also think that it should look profitable both in the background of competitors and in the eyes of customers.

There is a huge number of logos, symbols, company names around us. And our task is to make the appearance of your business unique and special.

Stages of corporate identity development:

The development of corporate identity is never based solely on the wishes of the client and the personal ideas of the designer. It relies on the study of the business, its competitors, the individual characteristics of the services or products, the basics of typography and design, and the personal wishes of the customer.



We thoroughly study the specifics of your business, your competitors and the target audience. This helps us to determine the main direction in the concept of your corporate identity.


Concept creation

At the concept stage, we will offer you several options for different logos, font and color solutions. The selected concept is being finalized on the basis of your wishes, and is taken as the basis for the rest of the corporate identity.

Concept creation

Forming visual communication

From the chosen concept, we completely refine your corporate identity base: logo, used fonts, colors. We start to make them into a full-fledged brand book.

Forming visual communication

Development of corporate identity carriers

We develop the necessary set for corporate identity: booklets, badges, business cards, pens, notepads, balls, signs. Agreed options make out a brand book.

Development of corporate identity carriers

In order for you to be able to use your own corporate identity in the future, we will prescribe in the brand book the rules for the use of elements, the codes of your company colors and the fonts used.

The rules for the use of elements are special instructions on the use of corporate identity that must be followed for aesthetic display of the logo. For example, the security field of a logo is necessary so that no matter where the logo is placed, it looks adequate and aesthetically pleasing without affecting third-party elements.

The list of the necessary stationery and media without any problems can be corrected and used on a variety of things: from calendars to billboards. At the end of the development of corporate identity, we give all the source materials that can be inserted into various sources on their own.

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