Mozart Beer is an Irkutsk brewery that produces craft beer. Since 2016 they managed to create and test more than 17 unique recipes, leaving 7 of them with the brightest varieties.

For these 7 varieties, we needed to develop new unusual labels – (important) with a Baikal character.


Develop illustrations and label design for the line of beer. The labels should indicate the place of production of beer - not far from Lake Baikal.

Based on the chosen style, we began to develop the concept of our labels. The task was not an easy one: we needed to pick up such ideas that would correspond with Baikal, and at the same time there was the possibility of further expanding the beer line from 7 to more so that, if necessary, we could refine the labels for new varieties.

Разработка этикеток для пивоваренного завода Моцарт, Иркутск.

As a first concept, we proposed an idea to depict the most fascinating places of Baikal on labels: these could be mountains, steppes, hollows, rocks. The name of the beer corresponds to the name of the depicted area. The advantage of this concept is that the landscape illustrations will be a continuation of each other, forming a row. Thus, beer bottles made on the shelf will be a single picture.


The second concept is the musical instruments of the peoples of Baikal. The idea is to display in the illustration a variety of little-known tools against the background of various states of nature: sunset, sunrise, night, day. Bottles next to each other create a common orchestra of instruments.


In the third concept, we proposed the development of labels on the theme of the Baikal Winds. Each label is a specific wind. We depict it according to the ancient images of winds in the legends of the peoples of Baikal. In this case, Barguzin is a gray-haired old man.

Of all the proposed options, the first concept was chosen - the place of Baikal.

Next, we started to work on illustrations. When developing the visual component, we took into account possible options for the location of textual information, the limited visual area of ​​the label.

При разработке иллюстраций мы заранее учитывали параметры этикетки

While working on the project, some labels had to be reworked from the very beginning: they either did not fit into the big picture, or the place depicted on them was not sufficiently highlighted. Sometimes it was necessary to shift the emphasis on the illustrations so that there was an opportunity.
As a result, we received colorful illustrations that clearly stand out from the rest of the bottles on the general shelf of craft beer. Each illustration is a piece of art, that is good in itself, but also looks great in the overall composition.

When all the labels were rendered, they looked organically together and displayed the overall concept, we modified the small details. Thus, on the labels appeared flocks of birds in the sky, a traveler at the peak of Hamar-Daban, a boat with people swimming towards the Monomakh's Cap. Such seemingly small things significantly revived the illustrations and made them more attractive.

Mostly for craft beer, they use either abstract images, or text collages, or lettering. Here we were lucky to work with these paintings, which will be a bright accent on the shelf of craft beer.

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