“Metky” are billiard clubs, hardware and accessories stores, and a service center. Here you can buy a pool table and everything you need for billiards in Irkutsk and the Irkutsk region.

In addition, “Metky” is also a cafe, which is located in the same building as the billiard club, but with a different name – «Quiet Courtyard».


Development of a site that would unite in itself all 4 areas of the company: billiard clubs, stores, service center, cafe. At the same time there was an aim not only to reflect on the site the billiard club services for users who want to familiarize themselves with the prices and terms of visiting «Metky», but also to tell about the activities of the Billiard Sports Federation of the Irkutsk Region.


We decided to create an understandable, simple, but at the same time informative web-site, with the possibility of buying or ordering the necessary services directly from the site.

Разработка сложных сайтов с несколькими направлениями

On the main page it was necessary to highlight the most important information. But since we had the task to reveal all 4 areas of work, it was not possible to combine everything together.

Therefore, we placed on the main page information about the nearest tournaments and the rating of athletes, the latest news of the billiard club, the price list for visiting and reference information on the game of billiards.

The shop and cafe was decided to make just in separate sections.

Главная страница бильярдного клуба Меткий

The Store section contains products for billiard clubs, as well as private billiard rooms.

The product card has a wide choice of settings (size, height, material), as well as detailed product characteristics, descriptions, reviews.

Each user can not only get acquainted with the goods and prices for them, but also make an order or reservation from the site.

Разработка интернет-магазина бильярдных товаров Меткий

The "Service Center" provides information on the maintenance of billiard equipment. Here you can also mark the services that you need and send a request.

This structure is much more convenient than just a description of the services and their details, as it simplifies interaction with the site.

Услуги бильярдного клуба Меткий, оказывающих сервис и обслуживание оборудования

This is a special section for people and athletes interested in billiard sports. It reflects all the main points: information about the Federation, the tournament schedule, the rating of the athletes, the cards of the athletes, information about the refereeing and the presidium.

Разработка сайта для Федерации бильярдного спорта Иркутской области
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