Kiwi immigration is one of the areas of work of the New Zealand company Kiwi. Their tagline – Change your future – shows their direct activity. The guys from Kiwi Immigration help everyone to move to New Zealand, advise them on general issues of moving, visas, finding work and housing, and also provide services in organizing the moving. The Kiwi team thoroughly knows all the nuances of moving to New Zealand, because many of them themselves have gone this way.


Kiwi already had several project web-sites, and they were all united by a common style in design. We were faced with the task of developing a new, stylish European website, but at the same time remaining in the overall style of the site.


When you have to adhere to the overall style in design, you can inevitably go into blank copying. We did not want this the same way as the customer. Therefore, it was decided to generally follow the general flow of other projects Kiwi, but at the same time to carefully work out the little things: fonts, icons, backgrounds.

Kiwi Immigration - сайт в европейском стиле

A clear technical task was set before us: the customer clearly understood what should be on the site and where it should have its structure, where and what blocks should be on the page. We only needed to wrap up the finished “prototype” beautifully and inject our vision.

Since the main color of Kiwi Immigration is blue, in the design we selected all the background images for this color: they were necessarily photos in soft colors, with blue hues or complementary colors, but always

Голубой мягкий цвет - фирменный цвет Kiwi Immigration.

The selection of fonts for the site was a separate task for us. Since the site combined both the English and Russian versions, it was necessary to choose the optimal fonts for headings and texts, so that they looked equally good in both Latin and Cyrillic.

Для сайта был выбран шрифт, который отлично выглядит как Латиницей, так и Кириллицей

In the process of developing the design, we realized that we would very much like to “revive” the site so that it was not quite static. Therefore, it was decided to use some effects: for example, the process Bar for the slider on the main page, a neat animation of the appearance of a submenu when hovering over a menu item, and also an animation when opening pop-up windows.Of course, the site perfectly adapts to any device, including smartphones.

Для придания сайту индивидуальности мы разработали плавные и аккуратные анимации для действий пользователей.

Dennis Vlasin
Operations Director

Our company has already launched several projects and many sites. But each time the main problem was to find reliable designers and developers able to do their job efficiently and on time. The guys from True code have become such a rare and so valuable exception. Perhaps this should already be enough.

But I still add: Work should be nice. If you are suffering with your partners – these are bad partners. Work must be done professionally and with full dedication. And the most beautiful thing is when the task is done better than your own TK. This applies to the design, structure, and development of both the Kiwi Immigration site and our other joint projects.

Thank you very much to the whole T-code team, in whose person we have found long-term partners, and this is already a great success and happiness for any decent business!

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