Brick in Irkutsk is one of the largest companies selling brick and aerated concrete in our city. The company is growing rapidly enough and every year offers its customers more and more new products: seamless cellars, ceramic facade tiles, products for construction. 


Using social networks to promote a company is an excellent way not only to maintain the image and brand promotion, but also to attract new customers.


At first glance, you might think that brick, aerated concrete and cellars - these are not the goods that will be perceived with inspiration on Instagram. But in reality the question here is only how to approach the promotion of such a product.

When we first started creating an account, first of all, we outlined topics that you can talk about. Then we focused on the brick, and talked about the size, its color, properties and features of this material. Next, we hooked up with our company shares, our offers and new items.

Кирпич в Иркутске - это оптово-розничная продажа кирпича, газобетона и товаров для строительства

At first, we didn’t use a certain design of posts in the account, but focused on nice, high-quality pictures.

All this in general gave the desired result, but it was necessary to develop further.

Изначально мы использовать качественные изображения вместо единой сетки постов

Then we worked out the content plans and revised the design of the account posts. We still do not have a single grid of posts, there is no alternation and “landing”, but each type of post is made in its own way.

Затем мы разработали единый дизайн аккаунта: это позволило визуально структуризировать типы постов

A lot of entertainment information has appeared in the account, which is indirectly related to the company's activities: we added collections of cool brick photos in interior design, projects of houses made of brick and aerated concrete, collections of fireplaces made by ourselves.

We also significantly diversified information posts, made them more useful to the user. This allowed us to significantly increase the persistence of posts in the "favorites" and increase coverage.

Темы постов подбирались так, чтобы пользователям действительно было интересно читать.

We did not forget, of course, about the promotion of the company itself. For these purposes, we used posts with goods, information about our partner suppliers, as well as posts with an address, photos of the showroom and warehouse.

By the way, posts in which it is told about partner suppliers are no less in demand than entertainment content or products. They are also read, like and ask questions.

Посты с информацией о поставщиках также пользовались популярностью.

The general grid of posts of an account became more logical and linear. No post is taken from nowhere, it is always preceded and additional information will follow on the same topic.

For example, if we write about aerated concrete, we will definitely tell about the production of this material, then about the advantages, about our suppliers of aerated concrete, discounts or special offers, as well as add entertainment information related to the building material.

Post time

There was a long work on testing the time of posts. What time we post a post is very important. Not only how many people will see our post, but also how many people will be interested in our offer depends on it.

С помощью длительного тестирования времени постов мы нашли оптимальный период, когда посты набирают максимальный охват.

We used products similar to each other (for example, 2 different facing bricks of one company) or similar topics, we published them on the same day of the week, but at different times of the day. The publication of such “test posts” for 2 months alternated with each other, thereby establishing the optimal time for us.


Texts are an important part of the post, which can not be avoided. We tested formats: long or short texts, with or without a title, ask a question at the beginning of the post, in the middle or at the end. We tested all these points throughout the entire period of account maintenance and continue to test until now despite the fact that we have already found “our own format”.

Мы тестировали короткие и длинные тексты, с вопросами и без.

Stories with promotions and goods of company were really succesful. We received a lot of direct messages, sent via the appeal of the story.

Сторисы - важная часть жизни инстаграм. С помощью них можно определять количество живой аудитории в аккаунте.

Currently information formats are being actively tested: video, photo, collages. We have introduced more videos for stories and posts. We use the same presentation of the product, but in a video format with small effects.

Despite the fact that part of our work has already been tested to logical conclusions, we will not stop on this, since the audience in our account is constantly updated and changed. Once in the reporting period, it is necessary to make a cut of the results and adjust them based on the new

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