Easy school is a network of educational centers, familiar to almost every person in Irkutsk. Today, they have grown from a simple school of English into a real educational system: at Easy school there is a huge number of areas among which you can find something for everyone.

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«Лучший образовательный сайт 2019»

It is necessary to develop a website that would tell about Easy School, as an educational center with a large number of areas. At the same time it is necessary that the site also combines the franchise sites of training centers in Kiev, Ulan-Ude and Krasnoyarsk. Due to the huge amount of information, it was necessary to develop the optimal structure of the site and the hierarchy of menu items so that the user on the site does not get lost.


Development of a full-fledged corporate website with an easy and understandable structure. The site should become the face of the Easy School company and interest the user, so unusual effects and animations were invented.


Easy School - сеть образовательных центров Иркутска

At the very beginning of our work, we faced a difficult task: the guys from Easy School wanted the site to produce an impressive effect on the user, while at the same time making it clear from the main page that you could come to the training center not only for English, but to find yourself in an interesting direction .

That is why we have developed an unusual first screen: the user immediately gets on the "table", on which are laid out before him photographs - directions and schools, which are in Easy School.

Главный экран сайта Easy School

A large number of courses and general information about the school, they need to lay out some information from a legal point of view, as well as the big plans of children from Easy School - all this complicated the task of developing the structure.

On the past, the site wanted to get away from the confusion in the menu items and pages, we wanted to structure all the information in a logical and correct way, and at the same time it is critical not to make short texts that fully reveal the activities of Easy school.

Therefore, a three-step menu was developed: the user first chooses a school - a direction of studying that he would be interested in, then he chooses a course, and in the course itself, if there is, for example, a division by age groups, the user chooses the appropriate section.

Трехступенчатое меню - отличный вариант для сложной и местами запутанной структуры

In terms of providing information on courses and prices, it was decided to develop a completely new, interesting presentation.

Each course page looks like a small landing page with a large enough free space in order to encourage the user to read the information.

The user on the course page learns not only general information about the course, but also can find out the price and time of attendance, the addresses at which the courses take place, and also he can get acquainted with the teachers of the course, without going for this in a separate section.

Страница курса - интересная, яркая страница, которая в то же время содержит всю основную информацию

There are many extracurricular activities at Easy School, where they are happy to see both their students and completely new people. Because of the number of events held, the question arose: how would it be more correct to display them on the site so that on the one hand it was interesting to view the events taking place, and on the other - just not to get lost in them.

For this, it was decided to make a multi-stage filtering. Despite that name (multi-stage filtering) - it is completely easy to use.

There is always a calendar of events in front of the user, in which the dates are marked. At the same time, you can sort events by months, as well as select the direction that interests you in the filter.

Календарь мероприятий - важная особенность, которая помогает ориентироваться в огромном количестве активностей

The presentation of teachers, and especially in such numbers as that of Easy School, is a subtle thing in which you can either go into a tedious narration, or overdo it with effects and confuse the user.

We decided to make a fairly standard page with a list of teachers and the ability to sort by areas, but made our own specialty inside of the page.

Страница с преподавателями Easy School

Analyzing content on a page, users often move the cursor over it, as if behaving along a thread of narration. We decided to use this fact to make the page unusual. Thus, when translating the cursor to the content part, the teacher as it turns in the direction of your thought.

Страница конкретного преподавателя Easy School

With a fundamental change in the Easy School website, the behavior of users on it will change. We do not stop our joint work on the site, regularly conduct analytics of site visits and make further plans to improve what we started with Easy School.

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