Behance Portfolio Review is a worldwide event. It unites all creative people, providing an opportunity within the framework of the lecture and review to share their experiences with others, learn something new or present their work.

By the third in our city, Behance Portfolio Review, we decided to develop a promotional-design, which on the one hand will be the carrier of information about the event, and on the other – the embodiment of the designer’s idea.


Creating a landing site at the level of European sites, while having unique and unusual effects.


Development of design, collecting in itself references to the ancient art interspersed with the modern Glich-style popular today.


The site was designed to submit it to the nomination of the Rating Runet, as well as the authoritative award Awwwards. Before starting work, we analyzed the winning sites, as well as the nominees of past ratings. This was done in order to understand the level of sites submitted to the nomination and to identify competitors. Based on the analysis, we chose an approximate line of work.

The main criteria that we took as the basis: unusual animation, hovers, large text, non-standard fonts. Having marked the direction, having collected the content that needs to be presented on the website and approving the color used as the corporate one for Behance Portfolio Review 3, we began to work.

From the very first concept of design, it became clear that we are generally moving in the right direction: the gradients used, the first screen, the fonts, the design of text plates are exactly what we need.

Next we began to work out the original idea - the antique style and modern glich-effect.

Thus, a constant ripple was added to the basic concept on the background, an unusual glitch effect on texts and photographs. All these nuances turned our site from a static dry landing page into a dynamic, bright, unusual page of the event.

Due to the large number of animations - background and presenter - we had a question about the implementation of an adaptive version of the site, namely: how the site will behave on a smartphone and tablet and, most importantly, on the condition of mobile Internet.

Together with the designer and Front-end developer, it was decided what kind of animation we leave in the adaptive version, and which we do not use, how we transform the blocks and the type of information presentation.

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