AS Baikal TV is the largest non-state media holding in Siberia. The television company organizes various regional competitions and is engaged in its own projects. One of such projects is the author’s program of Natalia Vetrova “A Talk about important things,” which discusses various topics in the company of invited guests – prominent figures of Irkutsk.

The program needed a screensaver redesign. Therefore, we faced a difficult task: the screensaver should reflect the essence of the program, that is, be calm and measured, but at the same time atmospheric and interesting.


Develop a new screensaver for the program "Talk about the important things."


This project has become an interesting test of our creative abilities. First of all, we started to develop a concept. After a series of brainstorming sessions, we stopped at the idea of ​​mixing paints in slow motion mode. We were inspired by the famous YouTube channel - The Slow-Mo Guys.
AS Baikal TV liked this concept, and we set about implementing it together with them.

For screensavers, we purchased an aquarium and several sets of acrylic paints.

The filming took place in two days. On the first day we assembled a stand for shooting, established an aquarium and filled it with water. Here we faced a number of problems: first, the power and uniformity of studio lighting was not enough for our purposes; secondly, the picture was spoiled by small dust particles, so it was decided to shoot on a white background.

A particular difficulty we have caused the need to flush the aquarium when changing water. Paints mixed in water left scurf on the walls, which had to be cleaned without leaving traces like lint and dust.

Using the received sources, we assembled a video with several screensavers.

On the second day of the shooting, having done the work on the bugs, we brought in addition several powerful light sources and made a kind of lightbox. This time the source files turned out much better than the latter ones.

Also, we conducted a large number of experiments: illuminated the water, which created an unusual effect of a color shade; tried to place some items in the aquarium; filed paint on top, bottom, side and in different focal planes.

This was followed by the installation phase, with the result that we received a screensaver, which is currently used in the program.

The idea of ​​mixing colors is not new, but we approached its implementation in our own way: instead of using ready-made After Effects templates, we decided to do everything with our own hands. Thus, we managed to achieve very soft, natural colors and transitions in the splash screen.
As a result, the style of our screensaver corresponds to the essence and tone of “Talk about the important things”: it’s just as calm and accurate, it is made in muted tones.
If you look at several programs of regional television, then you can follow the trend - all the screensavers of programs in their presentation and style are similar to each other, they are all made according to certain canons and do not depart from the standards. We, in turn, proposed a new line of thought for television, a new direction in the design of our programs. We are very pleased that we had a chance to cooperate with AS Baikal TV in such an unusual area for us as television.

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