AM Design Lab. is a virtual laboratory of the Irkutsk designer Anastasia Mamaeva. Anastasia offers interior design services, personal style design, wedding decor, and also manufactures products of her personal brand – exclusive pillow covers.


Develop a virtual laboratory website with the presentation of all basic services for two audiences: Russian-speaking and English-speaking. Connecting and setting up the payment system Satori. You must also submit a range of designer cushion covers with the possibility of ordering.


Stylish concise site in bright colors with clear lines. Adding small color accents to hover buttons.

Дизайнер Анастасия Мамаева разрабатывает эксклюзивные принты для подушек

A stub page is used as the first welcome page. This is justified by the fact that, firstly, the site is aimed at two audiences: English-speaking and Russian-speaking, and before presenting information to the audience in an accessible form, it is necessary to give a choice of language, secondly, it’s common for design services to start the site from a stylish page - stubs.

The very first concept of the site to the founder of AM Design Lab, Mamaeva Anastasia, was done succesfully. Therefore, our main task was to bring the appearance of the site to the perfect composition, verified to add small nice details.

Small cozy elements are viewed throughout the site: they organically dilute geometric lines and bring individuality into the overall design.

Подготовка элементов для сайта виртуальной лаборатории

«The idea to create a functional website that provides all my services in remote format came to me at the end of the summer. Developers were advised by friends and I was very pleased with their work. We managed in 4 months, as we agreed, and I consider it to be quite acceptable deadlines for the implementation of a project like mine. Ruslan understood me from the first meeting: from the moment of seeing the idea to its realization, the True Code team showed itself at the highest organizational level.

Initially, there was only a fragmented creative concept that, with the help of True Code, turned into a friendly, clean, logical and understandable website.

Catherine responded to all my minor observations and amendments and was open to any changes and requests on my part.

We worked in tandem and it was very efficient and constructive.

I was very pleased with the efficiency and quality of work, as well as the price offer.

I have already recommended True Code to my friends.

I enjoyed working with True Code, representing my ideas into reality.

I want to plan further cooperation, which will surely bring good results.


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