13 November 2019 True.Code Celebrated as Top by Clutch!

True.Code Celebrated as Top Creative & Design Firm in Russia by Clutch!

At True.code, our job is not only to create websites, but to ensure that our work results in revenue for our clients and is of use to them. That’s why our support never stops: we constantly work to improve functionality, launch ad campaigns, and promote our clients through search engine optimization.

We understand that changing contractors can be stressful for web studio clients and we don’t like it when things are difficult for our business partners. That’s why we are here to consult, perfect, and observe the results of our work with our clients.

Our dedication is why we have been recognized as among the best creative and design firms in Russia by Clutch!

Clutch is a B2B reviews and rating firm based in Washington D.C. They review service providers based on a multitude of factors like client feedback, industry trends, and competitor ranking. Our Clutch profile includes our service lines, our client feedback, and our past projects.

Since our guiding principles are honesty and pragmatism, if a solution poses a potential harm to a project, we address it head-on, discuss it with our client, and seek out other options.

Hence why we have also been recognized for being a leading company in the web designer category by Clutch’s sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest is a business know-how resource and Visual Objects is a portfolio showcase resource.

We thank Clutch for featuring us, our clients for working with us, and our team for being the most dedicated team out there!

“This year we first met with the Clutch and placed our work here. We are very proud that our customers praised our company. Thanks to this, we have received awards in several categories. Partnership with Clutch allows us to work with customers around the world and provide them with quality services.” – Artem Shelengovskiy, CEO true.code.

What are you waiting for! Contact us now if you want to work with us!

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