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Our job — is not only to create websites, but to ensure that our work results in revenue for our clients and is of use to them. That’s why our support never stops: we constantly work to improve functionality, launch ad campaigns, and promote our clients through search engine optimization.
We specialize in corporate websites for large companies as well as websites with complex integrations. We can integrate payment services, customer accounts, as well as CRM systems.

Kiwi Immigration Consulting Firm, New Zealand
Website, corporate identity

Another of our specialties is development of creative websites. These are projects with an emphasis on the visual aspects of web design. These sites are technologically advanced and contain a wide array of interactive elements. The goal with these sites is to make an impression. Our first creative project took third place in Russia’s Golden Site (Zolotoj Sajt) Competition.

Easy Educational Centers, Russia
Website, corporate identity

Our projects do not only include web development or internet shopping sites. We also create ad campaigns, social media outreach, search engine optimization, as well as corporate identity building.

We take a detailed and methodical approach to our work. When we start a project, we spare no time planning and discussing the details. The more clear our vision for the project, the more seamless its development and implementation.

Once we have developed a website, the project is far from complete. At this stage, we bring on our marketing department and SMM specialists to help the product find its target audience and transition to a stage of stable, predictable growth.

We are pleased to say that more and more of our clients are coming to the table with a clear and specific idea of what they want out of their website. We understand that changing contractors can be stressful for web studio clients and we don’t like it when things are difficult for our business partners. That’s why we are here to consult, perfect, and observe the results of our work with our clients. The True.code studio opened in 2015 and we continue to work with many of our first wave of clients.

Our company participates in Russian as well as international developer competitions. For us, it’s not just about victory. We implement competition standards in our approach to development. This means we are constantly raising the bar and improving the quality of our work with each new project.

We believe that working with a contractee is not the place for risky experiments. We use tried and true technologies, while adhering to the highest industry standards. Whenever we want to implement a new technology, we always roll out a trial version in one of our competition projects.

We have following team members: developers, designers, project managers, marketing specialists, and content creators.

Our guiding principles are honesty and pragmatism. If a solution poses a potential harm to a project, we address it head-on, discuss it with our client, and seek out other options.

A project may take some time to complete, but development is strictly regulated and handled methodically. This ensures the client is always aware as to the status of their website or service.
Development stages for: websites, corporate identity, advertisements, and social media campaigns.

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